Sites Custer’s Inyan Kara Camp July 23-24

*Private John Cunningham and Private George Turner graves(walk – do not drive on private land)

July 23-24 the Custer Expedition camped at “Inyan Kara” a mountain named when Lt. G.K. Warren explored the area in 1857. Buried two soldiers on a bluff above camp east of Inyan Kara on July 23. Private Turner died of dysentery and Cunningham was shot during an argument.

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Degrees Minutes Seconds:
Latitude: N44 13 00
Longitude: W104 15 56
Decimal Degrees:
Latitude: N 44.216667, -104.265833
Longitude: W -104.265833
Latitude: N 44 13.000
Longitude: W 104 15.950
13N 558647 4896200

Camp coordinates

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