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Frequently Asked Questions:

QUESTION: Trail: Road Permits and Licensing Options?

QUESTION: Avenza Map Reading?

QUESTION: What are 82″ non-width restricted trails?

In the Black Hills, what some riders call 82” trails are actually called by the Black Hills National Forest, forest service roads.  However many of these forest service roads are trail-like.  So this website calls Black Hills Forest Service roads 82” non-width restricted trails.

These are the trails the wider machine can legally use. Some of these trails are open year-round.  These are the trails that often take you into the mystery and history of the Black Hills. There are over 3,000 miles of these forest service road, 82” non-width restricted trail-like trails. These trails are numbered on the MVUM, with three-digits like 201 or 201 2A.

QUESTION: Paper Maps?

Where can I get paper MVUM maps?


Motorized Trail Permit Vendors have maps available. https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/blackhills/passes-permits/recreation/?cid=stelprdb5063173

Also maps are available at any of the four Ranger District offices. https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/blackhills/about-forest/contactus/?cid=stelprdb5110299

QUESTION: Vehicle Width?

So what did they finally decide was the proper vehicle width for a machine that is using a trail listed as 62″ or less?


For trails designated 62 inches or less on the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM), the OHV measurement is taken from the outside of one tire to the outside of the opposite tire, measuring the widest tire tread width (front or rear).

QUESTION: Trail Types?

What type of trails are available in the Black Hills National Forest?


“There are over 3600 miles of forest roads and over 600 miles of trails in the Black Hills National Forest. 90 miles of trails are single track for motorcycles, 347 miles limited to 62″ or narrower machines, 72 miles (in Wyoming) for vehicle 50″ or less and 148 miles of trails open to all.”  (South Dakota ATV UTV Association)

Question: Trail Width?

We are planning a September 2021 trip with our 2019 Honda Talon 1000X.  The width is 64 inches plus we have fenders on front and back.  Will it fit on the 62” trails or what our the options for trails that we could ride.  I’ve been searching on Black Hills Destinations website but can’t seem to find my answer. Thanks much.


In the Black Hills we are blessed with 50” trails, 62” trails and trail-like forest service roads, which I like to call 82” trails.   I often say that our 3,000 miles of 82” trails are as good or better than our much advertised, 600 miles of width restricted trails.   On the 82” trails you will find the history of the area, the scenery of the area, and the vastness of the area.  And the 82” trails are perfectly suited for the larger machines.

Research our 82” trails here…  https://blackhillsdestinations.com/?page_id=34399

If as you get closer to your visit, and you have any more questions, please ask.


Question: Trails Open?

When do trails open in the Spring?


Most seasonal designated trails open May 15. Many trails and trail-like forest service roads are open year around.

Trails are open between May 15, and December 15, unless affected by extreme weather conditions.

Trail Closures…


Watch for Seasonal Trail Designation Tables on the Black Hills National Forest MVUM.

Question: Trail Width?

We have a 2017 RZR 1000 so with flares and tires for the rocky/muddy terrain we are about 67 inches from wheel to wheel.  Other than roads/highway what trails can we legally go on.  We have been randomly checked my Rangers in the past and have never have been told that we were on a road/trail that we were not to be on. 


One of the reasons I developed the website Black Hills ATV UTV Destinations is because we have so many non-width restricted, trail-like forest service roads in the Black Hills.  People were not taking advantage of the scenery, history, and trail riding fun, these 82” trails provide.

Since the development of the Travel Management Plan, the restricted width trails in the Black Hills have been designated 50” in Wyoming and 62” in South Dakota.

As you look at the Avenza App Maps or the MVUM paper maps, take note of the Legend.  62” trails are displayed as Special Designation: Trails Open to Vehicles 62” or Less in Width.

I believe unfortunately, that the Forest Service has been relaxed in their enforcement of machine width on these width-restricted trails.  However the damage to the trails, and/or the increase use of the trails, that this lack of enforcement has caused is now in discussion.

What becomes of that discussion will become apparent in time. Presently, the width of a machine is said, to be measured at the widest point of the outside tread of the tires.

Question: Trail Width?

I own a Polaris dealership in Wisconsin and am looking to bring a group of riders of utvs out to Deadwood in June 2021. Most of our machines are stock 60-64” rzrs. I am looking for some maps of trails we can ride in that area.


You may be interested in studying the following webpage about our wider width forest service roads (82” trails)….


Maps are available via. the Black Hills National Forest. Or you can download the PDF files here…


or the interactive Avenza Maps here…


Question: 82” Trails?

Aren’t your 82’ trails really just roads?


There are over 3,000 miles of Forest Service roads in the Black Hills. Some of these roads are gravel, two lane and maintained for vehicle travel.  But, many of our Forest Service roads are trail-like.  They are one-lane, rock and dirt surfaced or grass covered, and fun to ride. I call them 82” trails because they are just too good to miss.

These are the trails that are legal for the machines wider than 62”. These are the trails that are more often, open when the more pristine 62″ trails are closed, for their protection. These trail often take you to the hidden treasures of the Black Hills National Forest.

The following are examples of our trail-like three-digit trails…

Question: When do trails Close?

Do you have a 62″ atv trail open this weekend Dec 4-6th?


Many 62″ trails will close on December 15. There may be snow on the higher up trails. Research 62″ trails here – https://blackhillsdestinations.com/?page_id=4718

Enjoy our Black Hills trails.

Question: Trail Width Enforcement?

How strict is the 62” rule if we are running stock machines and can you help me find a good place to find trails or a guide?


Recently as traffic has increased, law enforcement has been enforcing the 62” width restrictions. Measurement is taken at the widest tire tread width (front or rear)….

But our designated 62” trails are only 345 miles of the over three thousand motorized routes and trails in the Black Hills. For information about the over 3,000 miles of trail-like forest service roads follow this link…


Question: Challenging Trails

We’re looking for some difficult trails . We’re looking for challenges?.

Answer: Our most challenging trails are the old rock crawler trails.  These are displayed as the “black trails” on this web page. 


Question: Age Requirements?

I’m from Wyoming and I want to take my kids on a weekend riding trip. What kind of age restrictions, are there?


While there is no minimum age or driver’s license required to operate ATVs off-road in designated areas, a driver’s license and licensed ATV are required if you plan to take your ATV on-the-road as well; and in South Dakota we usually ride from road to trail, to road.

Question: Attractions?

Is there any trail that will lead to ghost towns out there?


Please use the following link to research your favorite ghost towns…


My favorite ghost town is Spokane. However it is located a half mile off a scenic highway near Keystone. It is one of the few that has standing buildings and remnants of an old mine in the area.


Probably the best ghost town to access from a trail is Galena. The trails and scenery in that area are incredible. You will always remember this ride if you access Galena via. the Camp 5 trailhead…. https://blackhillsdestinations.com/?page_id=1885

Enjoy our Black Hills Ghost Towns!

Question: Campgrounds?

We changed our plans from Moab to the Black Hills. We have 72″ utvs and we are coming down the 10th through the 15th. Need help camping in the forest off grid and riding from cap? Please advise.


Please research Black Hills National Forest campgrounds here…. https://blackhillsdestinations.com/?page_id=2843

Question: Maps?

Looking to see if you have and/or sell hard print maps with destinations on it. Looking for mines, cemeteries and old points of interest.


No hard print maps with destinations are available here.  Our information comes to you free via. an online  website….


However you could use the Avenza App and maps to make them available on your own phone. This is by far the best option because you can then use the Avenza maps and it’s GPS function, while you are riding.

For more information, look for “paper maps” and “Avenza maps” on this webpage.


Enjoy our Black Hills Trails


PS Please support our area ATV Friendly businesses.

Question: Permits?

What do I need to do to ride legally, like permits and registration etc.?


The machine will need a Trail Permit if you are riding designated 62” trails and needs to be licensed if you are riding on roads and highways.

See Off Road Permits here… https://www.blackhillsbadlands.com/store/permits-passes

Question: Permits?

Where can I buy a Motorized vehicle trail permit?


South Dakota trail Permits can be purchased online at ….


Or in person at a local vender….


Wyoming Permits can be purchased online at…


Question: Rentals?

We are looking to rent some atvs or utv do you have any that can be rented before Wednesday.


Please contact our area ATV friendly businesses at Ride & Rent…. https://blackhillsdestinations.com/?page_id=6954

Question: Rock Crawling Trails?

Coming to visit in June. looking for challenging riding, rock climbing etc. We will have 4 or 5 Turbo Razor.


You might be interested in trails designated as old rock crawling routes.


Question: Seasonal Trails?

Is there a map of the trails, that show what trails are closed till May 15?


Both the Avenza App Map and the paper MVUM have a LEGEND display. Note as you look at the Legend the Seasonal Designation is a shaded icon. It also displays then on the map, a trail that is shaded is considered Seasonal.

Question: Trailering?

Coming to ride in September. Could you tell me a general area to stay and be able to ride the trails without trailering.  Thank you


If your machine is street legal you can drive from lodging to trail from anywhere(except on the Interstate) in South Dakota.

I suggest you use the following web link to decide what type of lodging you would like to stay. See Ride & Stay…..


Enjoy our Black Hills trails.

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