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The visitor center building was built in 1936. It was designed to blend in with a temporary stream valley to its rear and provide the feeling of natural approaches to the cave entrance. It is a wood framed building covered with yellow-tan stucco. Exterior walls on the back side of the original building are made of sandstone blocks cut from a quarry outside the park, near Hot Springs. Interior rafters are made of rough-hewn timbers. Some of the original features have been modified or covered as a result of a large-scale remodeling project completed in 1980.

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Degrees Minutes Seconds:
Latitude: N 43 33 23
Longitude: W 103 28 42
Decimal Degrees:
Latitude: N 43.5564939, -103.4784785
Longitude: W -103.4784785
Latitude: N 43 33.390
Longitude: W 103 28.709
13N 622892 4823740

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