The Deadwood Stage, was so frequently robbed.

One of the most conspicuous highwaymen was William “Curley” Grimes.

A posse caught and killed him on Hogan’s Ranch near present-day Sturgis.

Curley Grimes Grave

Cheyenne Crossing headstone reads “Buried with his head down/just as he fell/the whispering pines/will never tell”.

Norman McCully’s $3000 poke of gold stolen by a deserting soldier, near the historic Burnt Ranch Ghost Town. The soldier was caught and put to work at a prison sawmill. Here he killed a fellow prison by pushing him into a buzz-saw and was immediately hanged. (Guidebook to the Black Hills: Lee Case)

A woodcutting camp, WOODVILLE supplied fuel for the locomotives. It was also the scene of several attempts to rob the Homestake payroll train. On September 12, 1888, John Wilson, Jack Doherty, Alfred G. Nickersoan, and a man named Murphy ran into a good deal of trouble while making the attempt. (Black Hills Ghost Town: Parker)

William Mansfield and Archie McLaughlin attempted to sell stolen bullion in Deadwood City. They were taken to Cheyenne for trial, but on the way the coach was stopped by masked men who extracted a confession by threat of a rope. In Cheyenne, trial was delayed and the prisoners were taken back to Deadwood City. On the way, masked men again held up the stage near Cheyenne Crossing, removed the prisoners and hanged them leaving their bodies to be removed by a passing troop of soldiers. (http://www.wyomingtalesandtrails.com/deadwood3.html)

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