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Black Hills ATV Destinations Advertising partners:

Over 42,722 visitors contacted our website this fiscal year, August 1, 2019-2020. These visitors produced 158,659 atv/utv related clicks and spent an average of 5 minutes, 44 seconds per visit. Over 8,455 clicks went directly from our web pages to our partner’s web pages.

Our Facebook page has 3,118 Facebook FOLLOWERS, and 2,949 people who like this.  Our Facebook had 30,328 post VIEWS from 52,856 people REACHED.

Please choose your level of placement on Black Hills ATV Destinations. We offer four placement levels on our website:

ATV Friendly Level @ $330.00
ATV Supporter Level @ $660.00
ATV Industry Level @ $1320.00

ATV Entry Level @ $155.00 (non-advertising level)

*the Industry Level produced for one customer over 1,000 hits from Black Hills ATV Destinations to their website in 2020

*the first in and highest Level determines placement location on each page

*Ask about our ATV Dealer rate

Each level is for an Annual Subscription with an August 1 start date.

Choose the level of participation that best meets your needs. Together we will bring ATV/UTV interested customers to your website.


You do not really need to advertise but you want to be active on Black Hills ATV Destinations, assuring customers know that you are ATV/UTV friendly.

Includes single, at least one
Single Menu Category placement (Ride & Stay etc.)

You want to be well represented on Black Hills ATV Destinations, assuring customers know that you are ATV/UTV friendly and that you provide various ATV Friendly services..

Includes single, at least one:
Single Front page slideshow placement
Single Menu Category placement (Ride & Stay etc.)
Single Subcategory placement (Favorite Ride etc.)

You want to take full advantage of what Black Hills ATV Destinations can do for your ATV/UTV friendly business.

Includes numerous, at least three:
Numerous Front page slideshow placements
Numerous Menu Category placements (Ride & Stay etc.)
Numerous Subcategory placements (Favorite Ride etc.)

You are a large part of the industry and offer many ATV/UTV services.

Includes multiple prominent placements throughout website:
Multiple Front page slideshow placements
Multiple Menu Category placements (Ride & Stay etc.)
Multiple Subcategory placements (Favorite Ride etc.)
Multiple Strategic placements (text placements)
*at this level of placement our goal is that every website customer sees your website icon

Thank you.

Since you are with us when we are growing, we will be there working with you when we are big!

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