RIDE & TOUR Black Hills Destinations “Digital Tours”

We will develop a written report suggesting our vision for your Black Hills ATV/UTV ride. The report will include maps, GPS coordinates, Parking locations, Direction from your home base, and Destinations to See.

The report will be based upon your individual riding needs including but not limited to: Machine size requirement, Permit requirements, Trail difficulty, and other individual requests.

Do not travel miles to our location, and then become frustrated with your riding itinerary. Instead, let our experienced riders detail a more enjoyable riding experience.

Choose a number of days

*ATV/UTV riding can be hazardous. Ride at your own risk.

Customer’s Name: “Drive”
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Machine size: 62” Plus

Type of ride: Ride hard – See elevated scenery and mining history. Interested in Sandstone Ridge.

Date of ride: Summer 2018

Requirements of ride:

Licensed machines
No trail sticker required if you stay on Forest Service roads.

Headquarters Location: Hillside Cabins Rapid City SD

Maps required: Mystic Ranger District, Hell Canyon Ranger District

Other Suggestions:

Download Avenza map software to your mobile device.

Day 1




Things to see on Day 1:

Day 2




Things to see Day 2:

Day 3




Things to see Day 3:


Map Day 1:

Map Day 2:

Map Day 3: