Favorite Ride Cave Hills

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There is a small area of South Dakota that is part of the Custer National Forest. This area is known as the Slim Buttes area. Historically, the Battle of Slim Buttes was fought here.

Numerous Forest Service roads and campgrounds are located in this area. If you are looking for a treeless type of forest ride consider traveling to South Dakota’s Custer National Forest.


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*ride at your own risk

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Other Places to Visit:
Sturgis Off-Road Rally


Custer’s National Forest

Connecting Favorite Ride:

Slim Buttes Ride

Parking: 45.8483901, -103.4698123

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  1. The Black Hills have great ATV trails and Forest Service roads. I have traveled most of them. Our forest service roads are either road-like or trail-like. On my Favorite Rides pages, I have highlighted the many TRAIL-LIKE Forest Service Roads.

    I put this website together to help others enjoy their ATV visit to South Dakota. When I ATV out of my state, I realize how difficult it is to plan a three day ride without good information. I hope my website will be good information for you.

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